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What is beyond  civic and governance innovation?

During 4 months, we are inviting 20 hand picked entrepreneurs and change makers to develop and scale their projects and digital solutions for decentralizing governance and disrupting civic participation in the volcanic rural region of Garrotxa (Central Catalonia)


30+ Participants (startups, movements, activists & political teams)

6 Weekend Sprints

3 rural locations

From September to December 2018

Civichub La Garrotxa

What is Civichub?

This is a civic innovation, decentralized technologies & governance pre-accelerator 4-month pre-acceleration program (September-December 2018) aimed at empowering change-makers, startups, experts and governments who are working or have the ambition to work on technology-enabled solutions for decentralizing governance and solving civic challenges.

More about Civichub approach to Civic Tech


Where change-makers meet and explore how entrepreneurship and technology can empower citizens


Are you...?

This program is especially addressed to Civic Tech or citizen-driven startup founders, NGO's, social movements, researchers, consultants, Civic Tech related professionals and government teams somehow impacting some of the SDG’s.



Are you in the first phases of your project development? Have you already started to functioning, ideally with first experiments on the ground? Are you counting with a community of users and/or a Minimum Viable Product/Project? Are you struggling with economic sustainability and multitasking? Wanting to build or to experiment your solution with breakthrough technologies?

A citizen-driven organization 

Are you a leading member of an NGO's, community, cooperative, social movement or citizen-driven project or entity? Are you aimed at empowering citizens in any sense? Are your curious to explore how to increase the impact of your activity by technology and agile project management methods? 


Are you an expert, consultant, researcher and/or professional on related/complementary areas to Civic Tech? Are yo willing to put your expertise into action or reinventing yourself professionally? Would you like to (temporary or seriously) team up a dynamic, multicultural and innovative startup team?


Are you looking to increase citizen participation? Would you like to acquire entrepreneurial, innovation and technological skills and knowledge?


What do you get

After 4 months of Civichub you will acquire a more solid know-how on:

  • Alternative economic sustainability models
  • More horizontal ways of operating
  • Without previous technical knowledge, understanding which breakthrough technologies your project can benefit from, and specially those with more potential for increasing your reach and levels of participation and decentralizing decision making
  • How to more efficiently design for successful participatory processes


Specialized content

Workshops, hackathons, demonstrations and talks on ground-breaking technologies such as Blockchain, Holochain, IOTA, DAO’s, DApp’s, IoT, narrowband technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Arduino or Rapsberry Pi



project agility & growth

Workshops on agile and non-common business growth methods such as Pentagrowth, Platform Design Processes, Design Sprints, Teal Organizations, remote teams, Lean Product Development, Scrum, Agile, Lean UX, Business Model Canvas, etc


+40 h


Personalized tutoring with mentors, experts and specialized consultants with more than 10 years of experience in their fields


Why Rural

A unique aspect of the program is that it mainly takes place in the village of Mieres in Garrotxa region in Catalunya. This setting does not only provide you with a stunning and relaxed RURAL atmosphere, it is also a highly participatory community, a frontrunner on improving society participation at decision making processes and a region commonly known for its revolutionary history. The ideal set up for testing civic tech solutions. What a perfect playground for learning how civic participation and decentralized governance is actually taking place on the ground.


Additional Benefits

Apart from what is normally expected from an incubation program, we have designed this program for you to having a life-changing experience tailored to your convenience. Here the added value ingredientes of the program.

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20+ participants from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds coming from the region, rest of Catalonia and Spain, and rest of the world from the startup, academy, research and polical communities. We aim at having 1/3 locals, 1/3 refugees and 1/3 newcomers as participants

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COLIVING & human Connection

70% of the program will take place physically in the beautiful village of Mieres, where participants and experts will coexists for sprints of 2-3 days and share, connect, colive and tight relationships




tailored to your project needs

First, a previous assessment on your project needs will be done in order to ensure the best results possible out from your time investment. Then you will receive personalized advice to help you decide which parts of the program are key for you and which ones you can skip. And finally, you will commit to an agreement on your personalized learning journey with your personal mentor.

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We have into account that most of the participants will be busy with projects and studies, therefore physical encounters will happen during some weekends and the online talks from 7pm (Spanish time). Part of the program will be streamed online and there will also be talks and workshops fully hold on line.


Are you eligible?

If this all resonates you but you are not sure if this program will meet your project needs, we encourage you to reflect on the following questions…

And of course, you can always reach out to us

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 Contact us

Write us a line and we will get to you ASAP.

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