You can now apply as an specialist to Civichub!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to fill up this application form latest August 29th




Key points regarding your potential participation

  • What is included for any participant: all the workshops, talks and program content.

  • What all participants would be covering from their side: Transportation costs and meals (maximum € 20 per 4 meals per person a day to be directly paid to the food provider).

  • What do we ask for in return: The funds of the Generalitat are conditioned to a minimum participation of 70% of the program by the participants. Therefore, we ask for a minimum participation in 4 of the 6 springs. If it is frankly difficult for at least one person on your team to participate in the 4 sprints, you can do 1 of these sprints in a deferred way with the materials that will be posted and sent on each sprint but also.

  • Is it possible to participate in more than 4 sprints? If you want to participate in more than 6 sprints, you can request it in the form but in principle, we can only guarantee an official spot in those 4 sprints. 

  • The spots will be allocated by order of arrival of your confirmation form, so hurry up in order to grant your spot latest August 29th

Content and dates 

Each sprint will last 2 full days, starting on Fridays at 6:30 pm and finishing on Sundays at 6:30 pm, except for the first one (Pre-Incubation) that will start on Sunday, September 2nd at 10:30 am and will finish on Tuesday, September 4th at 6:30 pm. 

Here you have the detailed dates, sprints and some of the contents (If you want to understand how can your project benefit from each sprint, check it out here):

  • Sprint 1 Pre-Incubation (September 2-4) - Updating Business Model Canvas, Business Model Validation, Value Proposition Canvas, Diverge and Converge, Lean Canvas, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, test the Minimum Viable Product, Design Sprints

  • Sprint 2 Economic Sustainability & Impact Growth (September 21-23) - Pentagrowth for small teams, Platform Design Toolkit, Open Source models for Economic Resiliency, Data for diversifying revenue streams, If / How / When to launch a Crowdfunding Campaign, If / How / When to launch an ICO’s

  • Sprint 3 - How to Decentralize governance? (October 5-7) - Positive Platforms Diagones and Design, How to operate as a Distributed team, demos on governance for a Platform Coop, for a Peer 2 Peer Network, for an Open Value Network, for a DAO, for a DApp (Bitnation Demo amongst others)

  • Sprint 4 Open Government (Novembre 16-18) - Especially addressed to participatory government teams and startups designing for them: How to optimize and design Open Governance processes from the citizen participation and Collaboration, Transparency and Accountability perspectives. Co-creating processes to Open Governance challenges.

  • Sprint 5 AI, Open Data, IoT and crowdsourcing of citizen data (30 November - 2 December) - Introduction to the fields of AI, Make the most of data ethics for your business model, Building Civic AI, Demonstrations on IoT, DiY, narrow bandwidth hardware technologies such as Blackberry Pi, Arduino, Lora Network, Güifinet super node demo set up.

  • Sprint 6 Prototyping Hackathon using Decentralized Technologies (December 7-9) - How to build your project on the Blockchain, Holochain or IOTA, using agile prototyping methods such as Design Sprints, Agile and Scrum, Demo Day.

Ready? Sure you have read it all?

Ok, now you can go ahead and fill up the application form. Remember you will have to choose the sprints you want to take part to (Check the benefits of each sprint)

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