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What is this?

4 days immersed in a lovely rural area in the volcanic rural Garrotxa region, to build decentralized apps together with the Barcelona Startup community.
This Marathon we want combine the power of decentralized technologies with systems change, agile methods and civic innovation to put them at the service of people and planet.

Let’s make decentralized tech more comprehensible and friendly to the world.

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+30 Participants & Startups already confirmed

Amongst others:

  • Som Mobilitat

  • Faircoop

  • Fairbnb

  • eReuse

And more

4 decentralized protocols  

4 parallel Marathons will be held simultaneously using:

  • Blockchain

  • Holochain

  • IOTA

  • IPFS

Join with your tech community

a 4-day long marathon

This Marathon will involve living and working together for its duration, from Thursday December 6th till Sunday December 9th, both inclusive

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A rural Vila near barcelona

As usual in Pandorahub experiences, the Marathon will take place in an astonishing rural village in the volcanic region of Garrotxa

Why rural?


What do you get as a developer community?

We are offering the possibility to co-create, co-host and co-organize this Marathon to 4 communities supporting Decentralized Technologies.


Tangible & Operating Use Cases

Decentralized technologies often struggle to be understood. Projects & startups taking part of the Marathon are real operating companies, not idea-stage projects. So decentralized technologies will have the chance to be directly applied to tangible projects

Social Impact

What could be more appropriate for a decentralized technology to be shown to the world by the friendly face of a world-changing project?

Catalan Startup Ecosystem Exposure

This Marathon is part of a network of 17 Incubation programs held simultaneously in Catalonia in 2018, co-financed by the European Union and the Catalan Government (Catalunya Empren). Thus, partner tech communities will be widely exposed to the Catalan Startup Ecosystem

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During this 4-day Marathon, +30 startups and teams supported by expert developers will implement a product or service using a decentralized technology. If you are involved in a developer community of a decentralized technology, you just have to bring your developer community and your tech skills.

Startups that could become a decentralized technology proof of concept

Reinventing mobility by co-owned, connected & electric cars

Potential Implementation using

logo e-reuse.png

Maximizing the reuse enabling the use of tech devices as a service in a decentralized platform

Potential Implementation using

A smart and fair solution for community powered tourism based as a platform coop

Potential Implementation using

Earth's  Cooperative ecosystem for a fair economy, implementing an alternative fair currency based on a mutual credit system

Potential Implementation using


How can Decentralized Technologies serve the people and planet?

Most humanity problems could be solved (or caused) by technology while most of the world still don’t have a clue on how to use it. Specially decentralized technologies are alien to the general public, even to many geeks.

In this Marathon we want to contribute to democratizing the understanding and the application of those technologies amongst citizen-driven projects, empowering its use and real application into specific and operational use cases.

How will we do this?

Committing to a challenge: during the 4 days, each one of the teams will choose a decentralized technology, design and implement a tangible piece of their project using this technology

Underlying questions tackled

➜ How can decentralized technologies be more democratic?

➜ Is there a feasible way to put them in direct service of people?

➜ How to make decentralized tech accessible to those who can really benefit from them, with or without a technical background?