Are you eligible?

If this all resonates you but you are not sure if you can take part of this program, we encourage you to reflect on the following questions…



  • Is your project built in a ground-breaking technology?

    Your project is based on a hardware or software built on the blockchain such a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a Decentralized Autonomous Applications (DApp), or based on IoT, DIY, digital manufacturing, narrow band technology and/or and alternative networks based technology, is a voice recognition system, a, etc. with a potential for a civic purpose.


  • Is your project aimed at solving a decision making, participatory and / or governance challenge?

Your project is tackling innovation and digitalization of governance and/or participatory processes, no matter if fully address to citizens, companies or other entities or it is an online decision-making tools or participatory online budgets, Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Analysis, Platform Coops, DAO's, DApp's, decentralized organizations, networked organizations. Technical and processes that do not necessarily oriented towards citizens B2B / B2C, B2Gov


  • Is your project addressed to and/or used by citizens?

You run a pure Civic Tech (citizen-addressed) project, such as platforms for digital democracy, Open Data, Business Intelligence, etc. Civic tech project (the use of technology as a platform to empower citizens to make political systems [eg, government, administration] more accessible, transparent and inclusive) already counting with own technology/platform  Without and in need of own technology/platform



    • Are you mathematician, analyst, business intelligence expert, developer, business or marketing specialist passionate about and willing to contribute to citizenship challenges?


    • Are you a civic participation expert, researcher, political scientist, anthropologist, sociologist, conflict management expert, or related?



    Are you a politician or member of a political team running participatory processes, such as participatory budgets, Open Government processes, open consultations, etc.?


    And more specifically, wether as a project or an individual, are you specifically working or researching on...?

    • Alternative forms of decentralized governance (DAO's, DApp's, Cooperative Platforms, Open Value Networks, Peer to Peer Networks, Platform Coops, etc.), applicable for example to the economic / operational autonomy of the regions and in the case of Mieres, tied to the specific challenge of Mieres that the town council not only evaluate proposals for participatory budgets but the council can provide binding proposals to the Municipal Plan
    • Digital inclusion and the generational gap
    • The risk of filter bubbles and the polarization of populations (Next Generation Internet, Internet of Things, etc.)
    • Digitalization of part or all participatory processes to increase the challenge manifested by Mieres of low youth participation in these processes
    • The educational ecosystem beyond school (boys / girls, parents, teachers) as a tractor for participation in general.
    • Low band technologies to overcome areas in the digital divide.
    • IoT and crowdsourcing of citizen data
    • Transparency, openness and traceability (Blockchain, holochain, hashgraff and other decentralized, open, transparent and traceable technologies)
    • The challenge of ethics and the sovereignty of citizen data (implications of the Big Data).
    • Artificial intelligence (automation of decision making, litigation / incorporation / creation of organizations, etc.)
    • Design of participatory processes focused on the user / citizen (and not only on technology)
    • Digital human talent: digital competences


    6 Weekend Sprints
    At least 4 Sprints per participant (of which 3 physically present)
    +10 streamed specialized talks
    From September to December 2018
    Not commitment needed to pre-apply
    Applications open until August 15th

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