What is Civictech and how do we tackled in this program?


The civic tech (civic technology) is an emerging trend that composes a $400b market.

Civic tech is the commonly agreed term for technologies that aim to develop the relationship between citizens and governments, improving service delivery while opening up its decision-making.


Where do civictech projects normally operate?

civictech project typology circle

The program tackles civic tech from a holistic approach gathering projects and individuals related to civic tech from 3 possible perspectives:


1) Infrastructure and technology layer: related to hardware and/or software especially appropriate for articulating the needs of citizen-driven projects (such as DAO’s, DApp’s, blockchain/holochain projects,, digital identity systems, data systems with visualization, etc.

2) Governance layer: related to governance and/or participatory processes

3) Service layer: directly related to civic tech (addressed to citizens and governments), end-to-end approach that also addresses the organizational transformation that this technology supposes